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Welcome to my Personal Website! These pages offer some insight into my family life, friends, hobbies, and some of the things that make me tick outside of professional pursuits. You can also reach links to videos & pictures I have shared, reviews I have written on various things, my blog, and links to my profiles on various Social Networking sites.


To learn more about my Professional life including businesses I run & have launched, charitable efforts, political views, and read various publications about my work – please visit my professional site!


First, I’ll share with you a little more about me. I was born in Colorado, but it only took me five years to move to the great State of Texas after that. After graduating from high school, I was able to pursue further education as a Longhorn at the University of Texas at Austin. "Hook 'Em!"


It was there in the Winter of 2001 at school where I met the most wonderful woman in the world, Novie. We enjoyed our time at school together, continued our pursuits with graduate education at U.T. Austin, and upon completion – we were married in September of 2007. I married up, for sure, but please don’t tell her . . . she hasn’t figured it out, yet. :-)


In addition to being able to work with her and spend my days with her, we were blessed with our first child, Erica, in October of 2009. Those who have had the opportunity to meet our little girl know that she always has a very happy temperament. If she’s crying, for some reason, it *really* means something is wrong. I’ve been told, however, that this is how they trick you into a second one – another blessing for which I can’t wait. :-)


While it sounds cliché, the most important thing in my life is family . . . and while I have been blessed with many things, a wonderful family is by far the best.


Now, every man, of course, has his vices. Mine has been extremely clear since I was about 2 years old . . . wheels. These said wheels can be on cars, motorcycles, or whatever contraptions have not yet been invented – but, this is a deep passion of mine that routinely gets fed. You can see the Motoring Section of my personal site to learn more here.


I used to say that I love computers, but that was when a “computer” was a clearly defined thing. The realm of technology has changed to where the phone I carry is more powerful than computer I had while in college (which was not that long ago). I will revise this to saying that I love technology. :-)


I love animals (with a clear exception being cats, perhaps 'cause I am insanely allergic). A hobby I enjoy very much is keeping aquarium fish. I enjoy creating an environment where fish can stay healthy, grow, breed, flourish, and enjoy the home that I have setup for them. It’s also somewhat relaxing during a meal or a tense situation at the office to look over at an aquarium with such tranquility in it.  You can read more about my Pets on various sections of this site, as well.


While I wish I never put these down . . . I played the violin for a decade or so and the piano for a few years before college, so while I am somewhat musically inclined . . . I am somewhat out of practice, as well.


And, of course, I love my country very much and am very proud to be an American. Having traveled to many countries in the world, I am very well aware of the privileges and opportunities that my family and I have been afforded here . . . and, I am eternally grateful to our country's armed forces who endure terrible hardships to provide us the freedom we are so lucky to have here.

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