1993 BMW 525i (E34)

This was a car that safely piloted me through many stages of life, including my very immature ones. :-) This was the first four door car I got to drive, and I had a lot of fun with it.

Front Right Side

One thing you'll notice is that it has what looked like huge wheels on it at the time.  In the mid-90's, large wheels and low profile tires hadn't yet become a trend . . . but, man it looked great!  Since cars were designed with smaller rims and higher profile tires - it didn't take much to make this car look like it had giant wheels on it.  These are just 17" rims with P235/45ZR17 tires on them.

Stereo in Open Trunk

Other Stereo Pictures:  Different Subs. & Amp., Passive Crossover Network, Factory Amplifier

I experimented with many stereo configurations over the years, some of which even escape memory given how long ago this was!  But, the above image gives you the idea.  It was sort of absurd, perhaps a hair responsible for future hearing loss, and keeping with my opening comment about this car taking me through my immature years. :)

Key and Remote

At the time, everything still used a mechanical key.  I had a Clifford Intelliguard alarm system installed at the local stereo shop, Earmark Car Audio.  One thing I thought was cool on this car was that if the windows were open, you could hold key in the full lock position to close all the windows.  When the shop installed this alarm system, they actually had one button simulate that hold and rolled up all the windows.

Valentine 1 Radar Locator

The same shop hardwired my Valentine 1 Radar Locator for me.  I believe they tapped into a connection in the sunroof panel that was very close by and on when the ignition was on.

525i Rear Trunk Badge

This car went through plenty of good times and bad times during the many years I was fortunate enough to have it.  It was struck by lightning, vandalized, stolen, endured numerous and continual equipment/configuration changes, and more!

Right Side

My only gripe about this car was that it was remarkably underpowered and seemed to be quite heavy on maintenance.  I wrote an external review on it a number of years ago, as well.  I ended up selling this car to a dear friend who sold it shortly thereafter, but I believe it served him well, also.

Last Picture I Took Of Car

Above was the last picture I took of the car before I delivered it to my friend.  Here are a couple more pictures of the car the night he was happy to take delivery of it: Sitting, Standing. :) Later on in life with subsequent cars I owned and as I grew up a little . . . I kept better records and detailed accounts of owning various vehicles, but I didn't want to leave out a few notes about this one!

I Drove This Car From: 7/1996 to 8/2004.

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