1991 Honda CBR600 (F2)

When I wanted to jump from a regular motorcycle to a sporting bike, I ended up buying this one . . . more to come on this later.  It was the natural progression from the GS500E I rode before.  Slightly more aggressive styling, a bigger motor, and still roughly on the same budget (a bit older bike than my Suzuki, but still under $3,000.00).

Learning To Lift Front Wheel (Throttle Blip, No Clutch)

I purchased this bike from a friend of mine in Austin at the time, Brad.  While it was an older bike, it had fresh paint, a new pipe, was freshly re-jetted, and more.  It was ready to ride and met my "college student budget." :-)

Right Side of Bike

This bike already had a well re-tuned motor, a "Jet Kit", modified air box, custom paint, a good aftermarket chain, modified sprockets, a full stainless steel Vance & Hines pipe, and a few other odds and ends . . . ;-)

Pipe & Tire

So, it was the perfect sports bike for me to learn about sports bikes on. :-)

Riding The Bike

Even still, you can't escape routine maintenance on an older bike.  I changed the battery, tires, and oil.  I also had a general inspection and serviced the chain, as well.  One common issue with these bikes, especially in Texas heat, was a failed regulator-rectifier.  I had to replace this (Pictures of the Bad Regulator-Rectifier: 1, 2).

Left Side of Bike

I went through my fair share of random negative incidents with this bike, as well, being uncovered and a "daily rider" in a college town.  On 9/24/01, parked across from the Frank Irwin Center in a parallel spot, someone hit the bike (no note, of course), but after working with the insurance company . . . I got almost everything fixed (with the exception of a few minor things I didn't feel worthwhile to repair).  But, I replaced the right mirror assembly (another picture), the right foot peg, and got new oil/spark plugs, as well (since it had been knocked over).

Time To Pass On The Key . . .

This bike was a great "learner's" sport bike for me, and I ended up selling it to my roommate at the time, Kevin, for a fair sum of just $2,450.00.  Only deficiencies on the bike were a couple light scratches on the right of the pipe & handlebar, very light damage on the seat, and just a little cracking in the paint behind the seat (gotta love Texas heat).  I believe he enjoyed the bike even more than I did (being a more experienced rider at the time).

I Owned This Motorcycle From 12/29/2000 Until 11/2001.

Then, I moved on to my absolute dream bike without compromises . . .

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