2001 Yamaha YZF-R6

This was my dream motorcycle and the last one I ever owned.  It was my privilege to own and ride this motorcycle.

Back Right Side

This 2001 Yamaha YZF R6 had a lot of carbon fiber work done (from the muffler to cosmetic pieces) along with plenty of misc. performance upgrades, as well.

Right Side

Links To Additional Pictures:
Front of Bike Without Blackouts
Front Left Quarter (High View)
Gas Tank (Tank Slider, etc.)

Front Right Side (Close)

Additional Right Side Pictures: Photo #2, Photo #3

Gotta Love The High Revs . . .

Additional Picture:  Overview of Gauge Cluster

Left Side

Additional Picture: Left Side View

I enjoyed every minute on this bike until: January 3, 2003.

I sold the bike to a friend of mine, P.K., who unfortunately had the bike stolen from him.  When it was recovered, it had already been parted out - only the frame was found (Remains Seen Here).  It was a terrible fate for the bike.  But, even worse . . . later in 2011, P.K. passed away very young, as well.  Rest In Peace, P.K.

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