1999 Dodge Viper GTS

Just Before DeliveryIn my lifelong quest to own all my childhood dream cars, this one was first on the list.  I remember reading car magazines when I was 9 or 10 years old drooling over improbable concept cars. The Dodge Viper was one of those until I read future magazine issues reviewing the new Dodge Viper production car.  The list had begun . . .

Those who knew me in college likely remember my bedroom plastered with car posters on the wall, one being of what I believed was one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, the second generation Dodge Viper GTS. From my racing days, the benchmark for modifying our Toyota Supras early on was that when we were faster than a Dodge Viper GTS . . . we officially had a fast car.

I set this webpage up to share my experience pining after and then owning this car.

The V-10 PowerPlantIn 2006, I had asked S.W. at Elite Motorsports to help me find one . . . specifically a 1999 because it was the newest one I could get with the forged engine (in case I decided to pursue forced induction like a supercharger and/or twin turbo kit) and still having that Gen. II styling I loved. It also ended up being the first year to have power electronics and a few other features, as well. I wouldn’t mind one with standard modifications (exhaust, headers, cold air intake system, upgraded stereo, etc.), but that was about it.

He ended up finding me the perfect one, and in February of 2007, I had my car. :-) The exhaust note was rough, mean, and the polar opposite of the Toyota Supra I had before (despite having half the power). It was exactly the change I was looking for.

My intent was to eventually build a forced induction pump gas monster, but low and behold, life got in the way. I had stopped racing, for the most part, and at age 26, I was the “old guy” who took the car out for spirited weekend drives. I enjoyed every minute of owning this car, and barring a couple small exceptions, it provided me low cost, low maintenance, trouble free operation for nearly 5 years.

Since it was a weekend & leisure car, almost every mile on the car was "spirited," as evidenced by the gas mileage I experienced in this car . . .

My Experienced Gas MileageWhen I got the car, it already had really nice stereo equipment (additional speakers, nice head unit with DVD Video, subwoofers, amplifiers, etc.).  Inevitably, I needed a couple stereo repairs, and being mildly O.C.D., I ended up having all the equipment rewired and reinstalled my way.  I always performed stereo repairs at Earmark Car Audio, based on my many positive experiences with them in the past.

Ten Inch Subwoofers and Custom BoxFor mechanical maintenance and service, I took the car to Quality Motorsports in Lewisville, TX (near where I lived, based on S.W.'s recommendation), and they always did a wonderful job providing good service and very reasonable pricing.  Fortunately, this car didn't need much service outside of regular maintenance.

The car was freshly serviced when I received it, and I just had routine services with notable ones below:

8/2/08 ($39.75): State Inspection Passed.

6/1/09 ($71.77): Valentine 1 Radar Detector Hardwire.
6/1/09 ($156.96): Clarion Head Unit Repair.
7/17/09 ($810.03): Full Stereo Reinstallation.

7/2/09 ($666.76): Oil & Oil Filter Change; Differential & Transmission Fluid Change, A/C Repair & Recharge, 3 Dyno Pulls, Hood Fitment Adjustment.

7/2/09 Dyno. Results:  423.22 RWHP, 475.19 RWTQ.

10/10/09 ($39.75): State Inspection Passed.

12/21/10 ($374.92): Oil & Filter Change, Spark Plugs, A/C Repair & Recharge, State Inspection, 3 Dyno. Pulls.

12/21/10 Dyno. Results:  434.10 RWHP, 481.86 RWTQ [See Chart Below].

8/22/11 ($165.78): A/C Repair & Recharge.

2010 Dyno. Runs

http://www.epinions.com/review/auto_Make-1999_Dodge_Viper/content_326163467908 - This is a link to an ePinions review I wrote on the car a while back that reiterates my love for the car, despite its build quality and ergonomics.

All things considered, for the first one off my "dream car list," this was a gentle and very fun ownership experience.

You can find me on the Viper Club of America Forums from time to time as user: lilviv.

In November of 2011, I ended up trading the car into Ruf Auto Centre (RAC Performance) for what I felt was a very fair amount.

http://inventory.racperformance.com/web/used/Dodge-Viper-1999-Dallas-Texas/959095 - RAC Performance's Listing of the Car (With More Pictures).

I Enjoyed This Car From: 2/2007 - 11/2011.

Then, it was on to cross the next one off my list (which some refer to as the "Italian Viper") . . . :)

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