Much of my internet footprint and more active content is actually located outside of this site, and I've included those links below, as well.

Active External Content


My Blog [Xanga] - Occasionally, I blog about miscellaneous happenings in my life or completely random thoughts.

My Pictures [FlickR] - I have posted various pictures that I don't mind sharing with my internet audience.  However, to see a slideshow of my wedding pictures, you can follow this link.

My Reviews [ePinions] - Sometimes, I write formal reviews with ratings on anything from hotels I have visitted to cellular phones I own and vehicles I've driven.  You can see what I think and rate these things here.

My Videos [YouTube] - I have posted various videos that I don't mind sharing with my internet audience, as well.

Social Networking Sites - I am very active on some social networking sites and not so much on others.  Below are links to my profiles on a few that I have chosen.  Also, please don't be offended if I don't approve all add requests, as I prefer to only approve those whom I frequently converse with or have at least met in real life! [FaceBook] [MySpace] [Friendster]


Friends' Personal Websites & Blogs


Zach Lewis - My best friend is an avid skydiver, photographer, handyman, and all around good guy.  This is his site.

Benjamin Wright - A wonderful friend since I was in the 8th grade, Ben is a fellow car enthusiast in addition to a being a very skilled developer and entrepreneur.

R. Blake Ramick [Personal] [Professional] [Hobbyist] - A dear friend whom I met after applying for my first job at T.J. Maxx in junior high school, Blake is also a car enthusiast and very skilled graphic designer.  He has several sites to choose from.

Robert Eppers - A fellow car lover, great husband and father, alumnus from our mutual high school job at T.J. Maxx, and now successful insurance executive - this is his blog.

John Durrant - Our world traveling consulting, the gentleman who handed me my job application at T.J. Maxx in high school, and everyday lunch buddy after college - John is a great guy who immediately captures any room he enters with an army of interesting stories.  These are his stories.

Adam Mackie's Blog - Adam is a friend of mine, and surprise - also a car enthusiast.  We met through mutual friends in college at The University of Texas at Austin and both live in D/FW.  A wonderful father, husband, skilled engineer & businessman, you can read about his happenings here.


If I have forgotten links to any of my close friends' sites that I am not aware of, please notify me as soon as possible!  Thank you for visiting my pages.

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