Lil' Viv's Pets

I love animals (with a clear exception being cats, perhaps 'cause I am insanely allergic).  Dogs are wonderful companions, and I have been fortunate enough to have two wonderful ones in my lifetime thus far – which enriched our lives with tons of funny stories, wonderful experiences, and great times.  I've set these pages up to share some of my wonderful experiences and pictures with you.

Another hobby I enjoy very much is keeping aquarium fish.  I enjoy creating an environment where fish can stay healthy, grow, breed, flourish, and enjoy the home that I have setup for them.  It’s also somewhat relaxing during a meal or a tense situation at the office to look over at an aquarium with such tranquility in it.  I've set these pages up to share with you what I've set up, learned (sometimes the hard way), and what I enjoy every day with these tanks.

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