Russell - My First Dog

Russell is a full blooded Jack Russell Terrier who was born on October 23, 1993.  We received him two days before Christmas that same year.  Ever since then, my childhood (along with my sisters') and my parents lives were enlightened by Russell.  It's an interesting story of him entering our lives.

Russell Standing Guard At My Parents' House

In 1993, at the age of 13 alongside my 9 year old sister – our parents gave into our insistent pleas for “a puppy.”  I suspect this isn't all too uncommon of a scenario.  While the circumstances of our victory in this battle are somewhat hazy in our memory, I think we won on a technicality that my mother made my father honor.  In any event, my parents were committed to getting us a great companion and steered us towards a Jack Russell Terrier, hence Russell's arrival.

Another all too common scenario is that since we were young children, despite our pleas for the puppy and promises to take care of him - my parents wound up stuck with the burden of the work.  They got him potty trained quickly, woke up early to take him out, etc.

Eventually, even though my parents did not want a dog, and my mother in particular perceived them as dirty and had some fear towards the dog.  At first, she wouldn't go real close to the dog.  As time evolved, she would put one hand briefly on its back to show affection.  Later, she would pet the dog quite a bit.  Then, much later when I'd return from college, I would notice the dog was sleeping at the foot of her bed and watching T.V. with my parents.  Russell was a wonderful companion to everyone.

Russell Eating His Food

These dogs seemed to be popularlized by movies and sitcoms at the time like "The Mask" and "The Frasier."  When I was little, I recall being genuinely impressed that they appeared to be able to jump as high as they did in the movies.  When I would come home from school, the dog would run towards me and literally jump clear over me wth excitement.

As a little puppy, I could take him out with me unleashed, and he would listen.  It didn't take long for that to evolve into him trying vehemently to defend me from cars passing by, thus requiring a leash and quite a bit of strength.

During his middle years, a companion, Toby, ended up moving in.  It took a little while for Russell to get used to this puppy, just a few months old at the time, but Russell eventually started looking after him like a parent - making sure he got first crack at treats, food, etc.  They loved playing together until I took Toby back to my new home after I completed my undergraduate education.  I have a separate page made up for Toby, as well, that talks much more about him.

He was always extremely active and playful.  But, in his older age - he didn't like to be bothered too much outside of the occasional petting from family and going out.  His hearing was also very rough before his passing.  He was always as noble, loyal, and cute as ever at all ages.

He passed away in 2008 after living for roughly 15 years, and he will be missed.

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